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Why do you need German language for German Study Visa?

Every year hundreds of student apply for German Study Visa so they can go for higher studies in abroad. Germany is considered one of the best places for higher studies in IT and Engineering. With the best all round standard in education and one of the safest countries for students it has become one of the top most prefered countries for Higher education. But out of thousands of applications sent to embassy for approval a significant number does not get the approval. Ambition Institute provides the visa guidance and filing service an aspirants need to apply for German study visa and with 100% success rate we know whether you are eglible for Study Visa. Contact us and book a counseling session and see if you are eglible for German Study visa. Contact us and set up a Visa counseling.

How to learn German for Spouse Visa?

If you wish to apply for German Study Visa then Learning german can be very useful and is mandatory for admission in any government college. However if you are applying for German study visa for higher education in English then learning german language is not mandatory and IELTS is needed. But once you are living in germany , the germn language becomes necessary since the use of english there is very limited. Learning German upto Level A1 is considered a must if you wish to go to Germany.

The German A1 level has four modules

These four modules are Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading. German A1 level Exam called Start Deutsch A1 is reasonably easy but it is often the listening which is considered the toughest. The writing part is mostly about filling out forms and writing postcards. The reading part is about reading signs and very short texts. For speaking, it’s a group round and you mostly ask questions about a topic and answer the question that is asked of you. At the beginning you have to introduce yourself, this is something you can memorize and parrot back when needed. Once you are in Germany, you will need to clear upto level C1 if you have applied under German pathway program. Learn more about German examination click here.

How to apply for Germany Studye Visa?

To initate your German Study Visa process you need to

  • Apply for addmission in a College under German Pathway program
  • or, Apply for addmision in any higher studies in a college under English Program
What documents are needed for applying for German Study visa?
  • Visa Application Form. Signed and dated by you: which form you can download here.
  • Acceptance Letter from a German University
  • Proof of payment of study fees
  • Proof of language proficiency in English and/or German
    • Atleast German A1
    • IELTS Certificate
  • Matriculation Certificate
  • Highschool Certificate
  • Any other academic qualifications, if applicable
  • Proof of Financial means, Block account
  • Any other Financial means, if applicable
  • Travel Health insurance
  • Proof of accomodation